The world’s first consumer hydroxyl air and surface purifier using the same technology
as the FDA approved Odorox® MDU/RxTM unit.
Because you only want the best for those you care for.

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OHAir® MySpace is a portable system designed to work in home, office or automotive applications.



We are redefining the meaning of clean fresh air. Get medical grade air and surface purification for your home.

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The OHAir® Architect model is designed to be easily mounted on your wall or ceiling and has a sleek form factor to fit any décor.

Why OHAir® Technology?

OHAir® uses the Odorox® patented technology which has been tested by several independent labs to be very safe, highly effective and kills 99.999% of airborne and surface bacteria, molds and viruses.

Hydroxyls naturally occur, are abundant in our atmosphere, and help keep our environment clean and safe. Hydroxyls are formed when the sun’s ultraviolet rays are combined with moisture in the air.

independent lab studies and tests show that OHAir® purifiers by Odorox®,(the same technology HydroxylLife uses) destroys 99.999% of major contaminants such as mold, viruses, mildew, e.coli, influenza, and staphylococcus on surfaces and in the air.

OHAir® technology has a cascading effect that goes to work and starts producing hydroxyls as soon as you turn the unit on in your home or office. Your air will be completely purified.

The technology has been independently tested by multiple research labs where  they all have conclusively found it to be highly safe and effective in purifying indoor air. In fact, Odorox’s MDX/RxTM unit has been tested and is approved by the FDA as a Class II medical device to be used in occupied medical facilities.

Here’s what our clients have to say

Hydroxyl units have been used in various areas across our 7 aged care services for the past 6 months. Staff, residents and visitors have commented on the improved air freshness and absence of odours and because of this excellent result, site managers have requested the purchase additional units to improve air freshens across the whole facility.

Deborah Burton

I would like to make a heart felt THANK YOU for the technology that is the Hydroxyl air purifier.

This is a long testimonial so bear with me as it is worth the read.

I have been a long term asthma sufferer (since aged 2, currently 44) and spent my entire life on various preventer and acute care medications. In my early 30’s I was diagnosed with COPD (meaning my airways don’t fully relax) and then in my early 40’s diagnosed with Aspergillosis of the lungs and sinus’ (mould in the lungs and sinus’). At this point I was on the highest dose of preventer medication pulse doses of steroids (usually every 6-8 weeks) recurrent antibiotics to treat several bouts of pneumonia.

Enter Tony Oliveri my god sent angel!. He loaned me the purifier after asking me “Are you sick AGAIN?”. Actually this comment was embarrassing for me. You see I am health professional and self proclaimed health and fitness freak. I felt inauthentic. A fraud. Yes Tony I am sick AGAIN.

Within 3 days of having the purifier going day and night I could breath easier. My sinus’ cleared up for the first time IN MY LIFE with no antibiotics. Long story short since using the purifier I have had no antibiotics no prednisolone and I actually don’t know where my ventolin is right now as I haven[‘t used it in months.

Now to prove this is not a placebo effect, I went away for a week visiting family without my purifier and when I returned without my knowledge the machine had blown a globe and wasn’t working. I started to get sinus pain again and my breathing went backwards. Then it clicked. The machine needed repairing. Once fixed all back to symptom free.

If you are even remotely interested in this product please at least hire one and give it a go. I have no doubt you will be converted.

Sincerely yours

Dr. (0steo) Lisa Vaughan

We have had your Odorox air purification equipment in our salons for several years now and are very happy with the results. It has decreased the smell of chemicals and created an overall better quality work space for our team. Many of our stylists have complained in the past about headaches and red itchy eyes. These have been eliminated.
We feel a sense of comfort and confidence by having the Odorox air purification system in our salons.


Michelle Mayne Salon
Hedkandi Salons