Every decade or so a new emerging technology takes hold and completely changes an industry forever, creating a big shift in the market, and dramatically improves the benefits it provides to its users. Google did it with search engines, Netflix did it with movies, Amazon did it with books, and Apple did it with mobile computing (iPad).  Now, OHAir® devices with the Odorox® technology are changing what we breathe indoors.  OHAir® devices are the World’s First Consumer Atmospheric Hydroxyl Air Purifiers. 

The air we breathe is essential to life and everybody has a right to clean fresh air.  Indoor air quality at home, at work and in public indoor areas can be poor with high concentrations of mold, bacteria, dust, odors and other unwanted substances. This is how the terms “sick home” or “sick building syndrome” came about.

Using state-of-the-art proven and patented technology that replicates Mother Nature’s natural cleaning of our environment, HydroxylLife provides OHAir® purifiers so that you can breathe clean air, protect your family, and create a Healthy HomeTM