The applications are far ranging for OHAir® purifiers, brought to you by HydroxylLife. However, our focus is where you spend most of your time – in your home and at work.

Poor indoor air quality and “sick building syndrome” are the result of becoming more energy efficient by sealing up windows and doors, and using highly specialized materials, adhesives and surface coatings. The unforeseen results are there is little or no fresh air and there is minimal, if any natural sunlight. In addition, allergens, mold, bacteria, and VOC’s which cannot escape our energy efficient homes and workplaces dramatically reduce indoor air quality and that compromises our health.

The proven, patented and FDA Aproved OHAir® technology re-creates what our atmosphere does naturally indoors to remove pollutants and irritants and significantly improves overall indoor air quality.

BREATHE THE DIFFERENCETM with clean fresh air and create a Healthy HomeTM for your family.

Hydroxyl Life OHAir® purifiers are most beneficial in:

  • Your Home
  • Office
  • Childcare facilities
  • Gyms
  • Yoga Studios
  • Medical Offices

And anywhere else that you want to breathe clean, healthy, fresh air…

The presence of nasty odors gives an immediate first impression that the place you are in has not kept up with cleanliness standards, and may not be healthy.

With OHAir® purifiers – you can clean and deodorize large volume areas with green technology requiring little to no maintenance. And they are easy to use.

Protect the ones you care for with a Healthy Home™

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