The OHAir® Technology – How it Works?

Harnessing the power of the sun

The OHAir® unit contains a uniquely designed ultra-violet globe that operates at specific wavelengths to reproduce the effect of the sun’s ultra-violet light, but inside your house.

This is a bit technical, but this is how the OHAir® technology works:

1. A pulse of low-wavelength light from the UV globe interacts with a water molecule in the air (H2O) removing a hydrogen atom resulting in the creation of a hydroxyl molecule consisting of an oxygen and hydrogen atom (OH).
2. The newly generated hydroxyl is in a dynamic state as it seeks to recover the hydrogen atom from any molecule it interacts with to convert back to a water molecule.
3. The Contstant Stream feature of the OHAir® unit continues the generation of hydroxyls spreading them through the air and on to surfaces in the room.
4. The dynamic nature of the hydroxyl molecule results in the destruction of any bacteria and virus it contacts by penetrating their cell walls and removes any volatile organic chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia by changing their chemical composition.

Constant stream effect

Hydroxyls naturally last less than a second as they interact with other molecules. The unique feature of the OHAir® Technology is the continual generation of Hydroxyls through a constant stream within the room, while not requiring all air to flow through the unit.