OHAir® products are multiple wavelength UV Irradiation Air/Surface sanitizers which incorporate the FDA Approved Odorox® technology. These devices generate an ongoing stream of optimized atmospheric hydroxyl radicals that destroy harmful bacteria, virus, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within your indoor environment.

To date current technologies utilized to clean indoor air have their limitations. OHAir® products are unique, due to the superior level of effectiveness and safety they provide to you and your family.





Devices generate positively and negatively charged particles. The electron discharge released into the air reacts with VOC’s. However the impact and level of benefit is not scientifically validated. Impurities are attracted to grounded surfaces and do not reach home filtration. This action results in a total rise of accumulated contaminants in the home environment.

Has a very limited range in the generation of charged particles. Airborne particles are charged by the ions through ionic bonding. These charged particles stick together increasing their size allowing them to be  removed by even low grade filters. May produce dangerous amounts of ozone.  Does not produce hydroxyl radicals.

(Electrostatic precipitator)

Devices use an electrical charge to remove particles from the air by requiring the air to pass over a series of plates which are either negatively or positively charged

Requires all the air in the room to pass over the plates. May produce a dangerous level of ozone. Does not produce hydroxyl radicals

(Electrostatic Precipitation)

Particles entering the devices chamber receive an electric charge however there is no plate with an opposite charge to capture the particles so they are released back into the air. Airborne particles are attracted to the electrode in an effect similar to static electricity. These ions are de-ionised by seeking earthed conductors, such as walls and ceilings. This effect is known as Black Wall.

Requires all the air in the room to pass over the plates. Charged particles then adhere to the surface in the room were they can be a risk for allergies or asthma. May produce a dangerous level of ozone. Does not produce hydroxyl radicals.

High Efficiency Particle Arrestor/Air Filtration

A sophisticated filter system to trap airborne particles that are drawn into the filter medium.  First developed by the military to trap and hold 99.97% of particulate material.

Only the air-stream entering the HEPA is decontaminated. Does not filter out odors. Upon saturation the filter will emit odors. Sub-micron particles and life forms will pass through the HEPA.