OHAir® devices utilize the Odorox® technology.

Destroys Odors, Bacteria, Virus and Molds The Odorox® technology kills bacteria, viruses and molds (fungi) on surfaces as verified by ATS Labs and in air as verified by Aersol Research and Engineering (ARE) laboratories, which both did studies on a range of clinically and commercially relevant microorganisms.

Produces Atmospheric Hydroxyls Creates a continuous stream of hydroxyls to effectively destroy most chemicals as validated by premier US atmospheric research facility – Lovelace Respiratory Research Center.

Indoor Air Pollution Odorox® technology reduces pollutants in indoor air as verified by Columbia Analytical Services.

Safety Comparative Biosciences Inc., a leading toxicology research center, conducted an FDA compliant animal toxicology study that showed no adverse effects with continuous 24/7 produced atmospheric hydroxyls.

FDA Certifcation FDA approved the Odorox® MDU/Rx™ model as a Class II medical device to be utilized in occupied spaces within medical facilities. Performance data validates killing 99.9999% of the microorganisms.

Hydroxyl lab tests
HydroxylLife The Proof


Researchers at Leeds University discovered hydroxyls while doing researching rain in the 1970s. During the 1980s and 90s, NASA developed the first hydroxyl generator that was used on six NASA missions and in the International Space Station.
HGI began developing units for commercial applications based on the Odorox® Technology and in 2012 started work on the consumer version. The units we sell today are the result of many years of testing, trials and the application of the Odorox® Technology in the USA and Canada. Learn more including testimonials from customers.

Laboratory tests

Extensive testing conducted at ATS labs in the USA confirms the Odorox® technology destroys harmful organisms in the air and on surfaces in your home. As you can see from this table, many of the bacteria were reduced by over 90% within just a few hours.