“Where Mother Nature Meets Technology”

OHAir® purifiers, brought to you by HydroxylLife, create hydroxyls that safely eliminate bacteria, mildew, mold, noxious gases and odors from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor environments.

BREATHE THE DIFFERENCETM with OHAir® purifiers – the most effective air and surface purification system available in the market. The advanced technology is a big departure from other air filters and surface purification methods, such as ozone generation, ionizers, and other filter based systems because:

  • Hydroxyls, cascade through the entire room to purify the air and surfaces whereas the alternatives only clean the air that passes through its filter
  • We use the same FDA Approved technology as used in the Odorox® MDU/RXTM commercial scale medical device
  • OHAir® purifiers produce atmospheric hydroxyls that act in the same manner as Mother Nature does to cleanse our environment.

Hydroxyls are safe, naturally occurring compounds that are one of the most important cleansing agents created in nature. They come from a combination of UV light from the sun and moisture in the air.

Hydroxyls are considered Mother Nature’s air purifier because of their ability to clean the air. Hydroxyl molecules are critical in keeping the earth’s atmosphere clean from chemical pollutants. They destroy potentially harmful airborne organic compounds and bacteria.

Hydroxyl’s have been actively studied for over 20 years and are proven to significantly improve air quality.  Hydroxyls do not naturally occur indoors, so they need to be created if you want to breathe clean fresh air. HydroxylLife’s OHAir® purifier is the most efficient and effective solution in the market.

How Do Hydroxyls Work?

Hydroxyl molecules are produced when an Oxygen and Hydrogen bond of the water molecule is broken to form a Hydrogen atom (H-) and a hydroxyl radical (HO-). The Hydrogen atom can then react with another water molecule to form Hydrogen and a second hydroxyl radical, or with an Oxygen molecule (O2) to  form a second hydroxyl radical and an Oxygen atom.

The hydroxyls then bond with bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), viruses, and odors and essentially consumes and eliminates them, cleaning both the air and surrounding surfaces that the hydroxyls come in contact with.

Hydroxyls (·OH) are safe, naturally occurring molecules that are created in our atmosphere when the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with water vapor.

How Do OHAir® Purifiers Work?

HydroxylLife’s OHAir® units replicate Mother Nature’s natural process. 

H2O (water) + hv (ultraviolet light) >>>>  H (hydrogen) + OH (hydroxyl)


OHAir’s advanced technology then attacks contaminants in a 2-step process:

  1. The processing chamber sanitizes and purifies the air and produces hydroxyls (·OH).
  2. The hydroxyl (·OH) molecules exit the chamber to decontaminate surfaces and surrounding indoor air.


Processing Chamber

Contaminated air is directed into the processing chamber where naturally occurring humidity and different wavelengths and frequencies of ultra violet light are combined to create  hydroxyls.

Using specially tuned quartz crystal optics to condition the ultraviolet light deodorizes the air flow, eradicates bacteria and other microorganisms, and produces hydroxyl molecules.

The purified air is recycled back into the environment with the hydroxyls to further decontaminate the surrounding indoor surfaces and its contents.

The OHAir® Cascading Effect

Once the hydroxyls are created, they are sent to “seek and destroy” odor molecules, bacteria, viruses, mold, VOC’s, and other chemicals.

The result is that it simultaneously decontaminates the air, surfaces, and objects.

The real benefit and big difference with our advanced OHAir® device is that it does not require all of the contaminants within a room to pass through the processing chamber, which provides you with a more rapid and thorough decontamination of the entire area. Other air purification systems require the air to pass through a filter to be cleaned.

As soon as the hydroxyls come out of our OHAir® units they immediately begin a cascading reaction in the air, creating even more hydroxyls. Similar to a snow ball rolling down the side of a mountain, the hydroxyls quickly grow and cover the entire room, accelerating the air cleaning process, and provides the added benefit of sanitizing and deodorizing the room’s surfaces and contents.

Patented Technology

OHAir®’s purification system utilizes advanced proven and patented technologies that harnesses and manages multiple UV light wavelength ranges. These differing UV wavelengths combined with humidity in the air create Hydroxyls, which are identical to ultraviolet rays that come in contact with moisture in the atmosphere.